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Breaking Up With The Scale

I’ve always been a game player with the scale. How much do I weigh before I pee, how much do I weigh after I pee? What if I move the scale to east wall in the bathroom instead of the south wall? The scale and I typically meet at least once per day and our relationship is toxic. The number impacts my mood, my self worth, my food choices and really, it is only just a number. One of the things I have been working with my RD on is not weighing myself so much. In the past few weeks, despite my on again off again relationship with Weight Watchers, I have stopped weighing daily. I haven’t graduated to once per week but I am widling it down to about three times per week.

In the same time that I have been working on my relationship with the scale, I have been seeing a personal trainer at my gym. We have been meeting twice per week and she has been teaching me about how to strength train properly. When I committed to losing the last 50lbs, I knew that I wanted to incorporate building muscle. I’m not getting any younger, of course, and I want my body to be healthy and building muscle is part of that. I’ve also read a million and a half times that if you build muscle as you lose, you will be less likely to have sagging skin. I already have some sagging skin issues around my mid section and my inner thighs from the weight I have already lost and my career as a yo yo dieter. I’m hoping that my new weight lifting routine will prevent it from getting worse. I don’t have dreams of wearing a bikini….ever….but defined arms and legs sure would be nice.

All of that aside, I had some pretty hefty expectations about what would happen when I started lifting on a regular basis. I envisioned the fat just melting away like butter in a hot cast iron skillet. I thought my relationship with the scale would get better because, obviously, the numbers would plummet to my happy weight in a matter of weeks. Well, girlfriends, that surely didn’t happen. In fact, in three weeks of committed running and weightlifting, I have lost a whopping .4 lbs. But, something beautiful is happening. My arms are looking more defined and my legs are becoming very shapely. My midsection is becoming a bit flatter and I can almost ┬ásee my girly bits without looking in the mirror. I feel firmer in my body and physically stronger than I ever have.

The first time I met with my trainer, Magen, a boppy young hot thang, I told her that I no longer wanted to focus on the scale and that I wanted to concentrate on fitting into smaller clothes. She took my measurements and told me that we would take them again in four weeks. Well, about 8 days ago, I was frustrated with the number on the scale and I knew I needed some kind of boost if I was going to keep this up. I had the DH measure me and we started a spreadsheet. Well, my friends, last night I took my measurements again and compared them. I was pleased with the results; I lost 4.5 inches in just 8 short days. I can’t wait to see what my measurements are with my trainer! She is measuring me again this coming Thursday and will compare my numbers to what they were when we started our sessions. I don’t know what her numbers were so I can’t compare them but I am excited to know that just comparing them to last week, I have lost inches! No, I haven’t dropped a dress size but I am on my way to a firmer, fitter me.

Seeing these results help me to, logically, understand that the number on the scale is not the end all be all on this road to getting healthy and fit. There are more important things to consider, like the way my body looks and feels. I’m hoping that this new approach will help me to stay off the scale. We have had a long and hard relationship and I think this is the beginning of me calling things off.